When buying or selling a home you are faced with various kinds of obstacles. This can make it easy to forget the small, yet important, tasks that are pertinent to our everyday lives. We have created a simple and efficient guideline for you to help ensure every aspect of your move is completed. We realize how stressful moving can be so we try to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Forward you mail! This process can often take several weeks to complete so we suggest submitting a ‘Change Of Address’ form up to two to four weeks prior to your scheduled moving date. You can obtain this form by asking you regular mail carrier, visiting your local postal office or by going online here.

If you get a paper delivered, be sure to notify them of your new residence or cancel the subscription if necessary.

Create a list of friends, family members and even business colleagues that will need to be notified of your new address and do a bulk mailing change of address card or a simple e-mail at no cost to you.

Make a list of all major credit cards and banking information. Notify each of these to ensure your personal information does not get lost in transition or placed in the wrong hands. Identity theft is far too common these days so don’t let this step slip by.

Make a list of all utilities/current service providers. Schedule disconnections according to your final move date. Examples; electric, gas, cable/phone, water, landscapers, pool maintenance, cleaning services etc.

Keep an open box by the front door for your immediate necessities. This box should be composed of toiletries, soap, trash bags, plates, cups, napkins, water, snacks, pet food, screwdriver/hammer, pencil and paper. These are things you don’t want to search every box for!

If you are moving out of state:

Obtain copies of children’s school records for a smooth transfer in the school system

Obtain copies of all medical as well as dental records for each individual in the family, including pets. Keep in mind it may take up to a week to receive these documents so please plan accordingly.

Be sure to empty safety deposit box.

Check the weight of all your boxes. Most moving companies generally bill according to weight, so be sure the movers do not use excessive padding when packing up your cargo. Moving can be costly so any additional costs are unnecessary.

Make friends and family aware of the route you intend to take. It is better to be safe than sorry, so in case of a break down or any mishap you may run into along your way, you can rest assure that someone knows exactly where you are.

We hope you found these guidelines helpful prior to your projected move date. If you have any further questions or if we can be of assistance in any way possible, please feel free to contact us!

Best of luck with your move!