Staging Your Home

Looking Through the Eyes of a Buyer

As a seller you may ask yourself “Why would I need to stage my home with a professional stager?”

It is important to view your home through the eyes of a buyer, as if you have never seen your home before. There are 3 main elements to staging a home that can set your home apart from the rest and get that ‘SOLD’ sign!

  1. Keeping Your Home Clean

Whether you can achieve this on your own or might you decide to hire professional cleaning services, it is imperative that the home is in its upmost tidy condition. All floors, walls, surfaces, drapes, windows and even those pesky cobwebs! Remember each buyer will be analyzing every detail as part of the process in finding their dream home so any raised brow can deter some interest.

  1. Cutting out the Clutter

You do want to have a warm, inviting & ‘lived-in’ feel to your home but with that said, you do not want to all personal items out for all eyes to see. Remove the majority of knick-knacks and decorative items and even in some cases the larger pieces of furniture. This will open up the area and allow the buyer to visualize potential and imagine a future in your home.

  1. Make a Lasting Impression

When was the last time you walls had seen a fresh coat of paint? Or when your carpets have seen the steamer? These may seem like minor details but in fact these are some of the main aspects that will get your home sold. Any time and/or money that you invest into improve the cosmetics of your home will only increase your home’s value and aid in effort for a faster sale. So take a closer look at the interior as well as the exterior of your home. Suggested updates to be made are on paint, carpeting, countertops, cabinets and even landscaping. Make the first impression a lasting one!


Helpful Tips To Follow When Staging Your Home

  1. Ventilate your home at least one hour prior to a showing. Open any and all windows/doors to allow for fresh air to fill each of the rooms. Avoid using air freshener, plug in or candles, scents that may be ok to you could turn off a possible buyers.
  2. Be sure to open all drapes/curtains/blinds throughout the home to let in as much natural light as possible. For evening appointments, make sure the home is well light. You can use higher wattage light bulbs to create a positive and bright atmosphere.
  3. Remove unnecessary clutter. Although you may enjoy the design of your home, it is important to create a spacious illusion so the buyer can see the true potential of your home. To achieve this remove knick-knacks, children’s items as well as larger pieces of furniture. Be careful not to overdo this step for you can create a sterile environment. You still want to capture a warm inviting feel to the home.
  4. Create a quick clean up plan. Unless previously stated not every appointment will come with ample time to prepare. Try to keep home in a tidy condition and create a plan to get the home perfect in order for showing condition even on short notice.
  5. Shampoo all the carpets throughout the home. If carpets are still not top condition, you may consider replacing it with fresh carpet. Keep the home vacuumed, dusted and surfaces clean at all times.
  6. Bathrooms should be kept spotless. Keep fresh towels and use decorative soaps for showings. Replace shower curtains. Check the interior of the shower/tub and re-caulk the area if necessary to ensure the area is clean and white. Replace any broke tiles on walls or floor.
  7. All beds are to be made with fresh linens. Make sure to give the master bedroom a ‘suite’ feel in your decorating. Organize all closets and remove any unnecessary items to storage to show the true space of the closets.
  8. Kitchen should always be spotless and clean. Remove small appliances of the countertops, grease from all stovetops, ovens, walls, hoods etc. If you have an eat-in kitchen be sure to highlight this aspect of the room.
  9. The Dining Room should be set with a full dining table to create the illusion of a grand entertaining space.
  10. If you have a fireplace within the home, be sure to accentuate it in your decorating. Clean out all remaining ash or debris and keep clean throughout the winter. Firewood should be neatly stacked or kept completely out of sight.
  11. Take pride in the exterior of the home. The first impression can make or break a sale so invest some extra effort. Make sure the yard is well manicured with regularly mowed grass and trimmed/pruned shrubs. Use flowering plants to accent walkways/patio. Maintain with water and fertilizer. Be sure to keep all garden equipment out of plain sight. Outdoor furniture should be kept clean or repainted.
  12. Invest in a new door mat, check to make sure the door bell and all doors are working properly. Replace any doors, closet doors or windows/screens if necessary. Repair or replace any broken handrails or banisters. All patios, steps, decks and balconies should be uncluttered and swept clean. Be sure the garage door opens and closes easily. Paint or replace if damaged or worn.
  13. Create a spacious and inviting entry into your home. You can achieve this by decorating with mirrors, plants and accent rugs.
  14. Be sure all of the walls are bright and clean. Repaint if and where necessary. It is suggested to use neutral color paint such as off-white. Use two or more coats to cover darker walls. Repair or replace any damaged wall paper or coverings. Fill any holes from wall hangings or other mishaps with putty.
  15. If your home has a pool, pond or lake, make sure that you highlight this aspect of the yard. You can achieve this with outdoor lighting benches, planters, flowers etc. Create an inviting outdoor living environment that appeals to entertaining.
  16. Check the roof for missing or loose shingles and replace/secure where necessary. If the roof leaks it must be fixed properly. Clean and repair all gutters. Give the chimney a once over. Paint if need be as well as replace any broken bricks or stones.
  17. Be sure to keep seasonal pictures of your home in addition to day & night photos as well. This can show the true potential of your home in any setting.

These are just some of the tips we suggest to those who are attempting to sell their home. By enlisting with our team, we can also provide a personal and professional ‘Home Stager’ who can provide you with some direction and give that outsiders opinion on what updates actually need to be made. With our 15+ years of experience in this field, we have the contacts and resources to help you get your home into top showing condition and get your home sold!